An Overview of our packaging options you can find below or as PDF Download here. Other packagings are available on request, please contact us. 

  • Amber glas bottles for liquid food supplements

    30ml round 50ml round 200ml round
    incl. a for you designed label
    200ml round
    incl. graduated cup
  • 500ml PET bottle 200ml PET bottle
  • Ampoule 25ml cobalt blue, semitransparent Ampoule 25ml brown, semitransparent Ampoule 25ml white, semitransparent Ampoule 25ml brown with frosted cap Ampoule 25ml cobalt blue with white cap
  • 30ml Shotflasche    
    60ml Shotbottle, clear 15ml Shotbottle, clear 30ml Shotbottle, white    
  • Bi Phase Bi Phase Bi Phase Bi Phase
      Bi Phase with open capsule    

  • Sprühkopf Shotflasche
    Spray head as top for 30ml bottles 30ml Shotbottle
  • kobaltblau
    PET tins cobalt blue in different sizes from 75ml to 500ml; Your Brand - for you designed label and logo
  • PET tins white and transparent in different sizes from 75ml to 500ml; caps white and metal silver

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