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Fiber Drink

Fiber Drink is a unique, high-fiber product that not only has a regulating effect on the digestion but also may have a positive, preventive effect for many other diseases of civilization.

Our Fiber Drink is a special mixture of three different soluble fibers. This mixture has been composed in a way that the negative effects (diarrhea, heavy flatulence) are mostly prevented.

Quite the contrary: it can be an effective preparation for alleviation of constipation and also helps to regulate the digestion. Moreover the intestinal pressure is minimized.

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Omega DHA + Honey

Omega DHA + Honey has a sweet and delicious flavor of honey and orange. The contained fish oil is neutral in odor and taste and is unobservable when consuming the product.

We are proud that we have been able to develop a stable top product, only by technological tricks and without using special chemicals. As a syrup, the product is especially suitable for those persons who do not want to or are not able to swallow capsules. It is an easy and tasty way to support your health.

Omega DHA + Honey contains a high percentage of the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. It is also important that indeed DHA could be converted into EPA, but only a very small part of EPA could be converted into DHA. Thereby are both very important for the organism. DHA, for example contributes to maintenance of normal brain function and normal vision. Both together contribute to the normal function of the heart. For these reasons we have used a higher percentage of DHA than EPA in our Omega product compared to conventional compounds. Furthermore a wide range of important vitamins has been added.

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Lutex Skin

Persons with high contents of carotenoids in skin take years off for their age and had appreciably less wrinkles. This effect of our product has been verified at a dermatological institut in Berlin and within a few days the absorption into the frontal skin of the contained carotenoids has been scientifically proven. The capsules contain a wide range of natural carotenoids.

Compared to traditional products, such like crèmes, our product could be absorbed into the skin and stored in the deep layers of skin. The skin gets a younger and more energetic look due to the antioxidative characteristics of the higher concentrated carotenoids.

Our product has been approved in Germany and the absorption within a few days into the frontal skin of the contained carotenoids has been scientifically proven!


SieR Athlete food… a different kind of energy drink…

SieR Athlete food is the ultimate fresh thrill with a long-lasting effect.

SieR don’t tend on a short caffeine thrill like the most other products.

SieR is an energetic, fizzy sip providing stamina and energy for a long run.

The fresh, lucid fruit note boosts the flavour of every mixed drink – and thereby SieR Athlete food isn’t gummy sweet but rather sour!!! As a beverage concentrate it’s suitable for mixing without overcasting the flavour of long drinks at the same time. For those, who like it readily sour, it’s suitable to consume it immediately but “Caution, sour!”

Vinipherol OPC

Vinipherol OPC is a food supplement containing grape seed and olives extract and also resveratrol.

The product has a high ORAC value due to the used extracts.
ORAC is a measure for the antioxidant capacity of substances. One substance is measured against a standard for the measurement of the ORAC units. This standard is TROLOX, a water soluble vitamin E derivate. With this in the meantime established method the hydrophilic, antioxidant capacity of a substance could be defined. With this method it is not possible to define the lipophilic capacity of a substance. 

It is very important to point out that both ORAC values, the hydrophilic and the lipophilic, meaning the value for water soluble and fat soluble substances, if a food supplement should be ingested as an antioxidant.

Vinipherol OPC contains in the new formulation beside the grape seed -/ olives extract also a polyphenol from the grape vine with a high lipophilic ORAC value.


Calduna Gluko Balance

Calduna Gluko Balance has the following characteristics: 

  • Delicious, fruity drink
  • Securely packed in an ampoule
  • Ready-to-drink, no need to mix
  • Ready to take away
  • Proven with success in 54 scientific studies
  • As an equivalent: 10 capsules should be ingested, this corresponds 5 gr.

The ingestion of Calduna Gluko Balance before a meal, avoids a fast increase of the blood sugar level. The absorption of free saccharides in the blood from the nourishment is slower and more controlled over a longer period. The blood sugar level is balanced and a disproportional high insulin release is reduced.

Insulin also takes part in the control of the sensation of hunger. A disproportional high concentration of insulin in blood could lead to reduced feeling of satiety also after a short time after a meal. The high quantity of insulin smuggles all carbohydrates very fast in the fat cells and leads together with a low blood sugar level again to a sensation of hunger. A fast descending blood sugar level could lead to real “food cravings”.

Calduna Gluko M

Calduna Gluko M is a food supplement for weight control and has a scientifically approved effect. This has been approved from the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). In October 2010, the EFSA concluded according to the existing studies that with the in Calduna Gluko M contained raw material in connection with a reduced-calorie diet could lead to an additional weight loss. Therefore is Calduna Gluko M an additional support with every diet.

In addition to this, the studies have shown a positive effect on the cholesterol level.
Especially in the case of overweight is a too high cholesterol level very difficult. Calduna Gluko M capsules are ingested with a glass water or another drink 20-30 minutes before a meal. The capsules are neutral in taste and do not cause an unpleasant abdominal fullness.


Skin ampoules

“Skin ampoules” is a drink concentrate to support the skin.

 The ampoules content collagen hydrolysate, copper, vitamin E and C and also pomegranate extract.




Q10 capsules

Q10 are capsules for food supplement for supplementation with coenzyme Q10.

The contained P40 coenzyme Q10 bio active++ has a very good absorption in the body and the concentrations in the cells are significantly higher. Die biological availability is about 340 % amended compared with standard compounds. The cells need coenzyme Q10 to produce energy, without this energy the cells won’t operate. Owing to use of medicines and an older age, the production of coenzyme Q10 is much lower and should be supplied in form of food supplements.



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