Our services in a short overview:

Private Label Products

We are offering finished products as “Private Label” or develop new formulation according to your specifications and demands. Based on your product idea we are developing, producing, packing and labeling your product according to your requirements

Selection of raw materials

Based on our expert knowledge that has been acquired bye xperience over many years, we are able to support you with choosing and sourcing suitable herbal extracts and other raw materials for your product. We recommend and select these raw materials according to the product indication required. Of course all materials have been verified in due consideration of the current legal aspects (e.g. Novel Food, pharmaceutical drug …)

We have a wide stock of raw materials and for this reason we are able to realize small quantities at reasonable prices.


The dosage is being specified under consideration of legally defined maximum quantities, the taste the product shall have and of course the technical feasibility.

Certainly the stability as well as the dosage form (whether it is a capsule, tablet, powder- or liquid product) are important to consider.

Dosage form

To determine the right dosage form we are able to do proposals according to the required quantities of ingredients, stabilities of raw materials and to aspects of these raw materials in regard of effects on the taste.

Generally we can offer capsules (soft or hard gelatin capsules), tablets, powder- and liquid products (e.g. ampoules, bottles, shots).

Labeling / lega conformity of the declaration

We are supporting our customers to select a suitable label stock. There are different materials to choose: PP-foil, paper materials -matt or shiny. The print will be done according to the requirements and layouts provided by the customer.

If requested, we can also assist our customers in preparation of labels according to legal conformities and standards. The validation according to German and / or European law will be done by our experts.

A further important aspect is the marking of the finished product – this can be done e.g. by coding batch numbers and date of expiry on the bottom or the cap of a tin or on a folded boxes and/or ampoule.


Due to our long-term collaboration with different manufacturers for packaging materials we have access to a wide range of existing punches for various sizes of folded boxes; thereby additional costs can be saved, when choosing such an existing punch.

We can also assist in development of packaging. There are a lot of different composition and design possibilities: embossed print, cellophaning (laminate) with matt foil or with finishing paint, UV-coating, and so on.

The print will be done according to the layouts provided by the customer. The process of manufacturing can be started after release through the customer.

Upon request we verify the declaration according to German and European law.

Packing / finishing

The filling can be done according to the customer’s requirements in suitable units for example: tins, bottles or ampoules (or bulk material).

These units can be packed again in folded boxes or displays, if requested.

It is also possible to pack different products as a set (e.g. capsules and ampoules) or to add further contents as package leaflet and give-aways.

Analyses of end products

Upon request we can analyze your products in certified laboratories. Of course all results of these analyses (microbiological tests, stability tests …) will be handed out to the customer.

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